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AYLØ – Paris

AYLØ - Paris

AYLØ – Paris

Uber-talented artist AYLØ who is also part of the disrupting wave of “Altes” returns with his first single of 2019 titled “Paris”. “Paris” is set to be the first single off his forthcoming mixtape aptly named “DNT DLT” which is due for release on the 30th of July 2019 and is said to be distributed by Apple’s Platoon.

In regards to his single “Paris”, Le Mav and Odunsi the Engine also receive co-production credits.

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Teffy – Upside Down

Teffy - Upside Down

Teffy – Upside Down

Just in time for the summer, Royal Sounds artist Teffy ushers another single titled “Upside Down”. The track is laced with heavy synths and rhythm as well as subtle melodies.

Engineered by GMK and Co-Produced by Teffy.

Listen below.

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Spotlight on green news & views: Permafrost melting sooner than thought; gray whale toll

This is the 604th edition of the Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue). Here is the June 15 edition. Inclusion of a story in the Spotlight does not necessarily indicate my agreement with or endorsement of it.


PHScott writes—The Daily Bucket: Buggy Delights! “Greetings from the eastern Florida Panhandle! This is a continuation of my comment yesterday: I am beset with bugs of all kinds – flying insects after nectar such as tiny bees, flies, and mimics and the larger bumblebees, wasps and more bee mimics. Then there are those that fly around and feed on the smaller insects. I step out the door and I will be buzzed by something within seconds. Green dragonflies follow me around knowing I attract insects of all sorts just by being there. Almost as big are the predatory Robber flies that totally rule. And it hasn’t happened yet this summer but there will be the big slow Assassin bugs that somehow always fly into me. Stink stink … There’s a constant flight of visitors so I thought I should document as best I could. Feeling lazy and not wanting to be in 90º direct sunlight, I sat back with telephoto lens. Idea was to get a fine quality wide image and crop any finds.”

Pakalolo writes—Exxon conducted cutting-edge climate research decades ago and predicted the CO2 milestone of 2019: “CO2 emissions continue to rise while tipping points in the Arctic horrify climate scientists. If we lose the Arctic, we lose the world. It’s as simple as that. And the science and data confirm that the Arctic system has begun to collapse. What is disturbing to me is that oil companies knew humanity could not survive a 3C world and deliberately withheld the information from us when we could actually do something about it. And here we are, staring down into the abyss. Exxon fucking knew!! ‘Over the past several years a clear scientific consensus has emerged,’ Cohen wrote in September 1982, reporting on Exxon’s own analysis of climate models. It was that a doubling of the carbon dioxide blanket in the atmosphere would produce average global warming of 3 degrees Celsius, plus or minus 1.5 degrees C (equal to 5 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus 1.7 degrees F). ‘There is unanimous agreement in the scientific community that a temperature increase of this magnitude would bring about significant changes in the earth’s climate,’ he wrote, ‘including rainfall distribution and alterations in the biosphere’.”

MorrellWI1983 writes—Modernizing the Antiquities Act- A Proposal: “The Antiquities Act was signed into law on June 8th 1906, granting the president the authority to create monuments by proclamation, the size and number of the monuments left to the presidents discretion.  Section 1 of the law sets the penalties for violating the act,  a misdemeanor with fines of $500 and/or a prison sentence of 90 days.  Those penalties have not been changed in the century-plus since, and as acts by the Bundys in Malheur or the vandals who recently smashed a wooden hut display in Ocmulgee National Monument show, the penalties have not been an adequate deterrent. My proposal to change the Antiquities  Act is 3-fold.”

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2020 Democrats shine: Booker unveils clemency plan, Beto calls for a new Voting Rights Act

There are 20-some Democratic presidential candidates right now, and one of them will be our nominee. That means that even some of the more prominent candidates will be saying or doing great things that are slipping through the cracks of traditional media and social media. It means that almost everything the lesser-known candidates are doing will fall through cracks that are more like chasms.

Good stuff from Democrats deserves attention. Add to that the fact that we don’t all like every single one of the candidates, but that when the time comes, we’ll have to set that aside and get behind the nominee as our way to beat Donald Trump and start the long, hard task of fixing our country. And that’s where this round-up comes in. I’ll be looking for a strong moment from as many candidates as possible each week, be it a policy, a quote, a tweet, an action.

So without further ado …

Elizabeth Warren announced a plan to ban private prisons … and it had an immediate effect.

Cory Booker announced a major plan to offer clemency for people serving prison sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.

Beto O’Rourke wrote a Juneteenth op-ed calling for a new Voting Rights Act that would “crack down on draconian voter ID laws; prevent politically motivated state officials from purging the voter roles to game the system; expand vote-by-mail and early voting; and declare the first Tuesday of every November a national holiday, so no one has to choose between going to work and participating in their democracy.”

Kirsten Gillibrand introduced a bill to stop the Trump administration from barring undocumented immigrants from subsidized housing. Currently, undocumented immigrants can’t themselves receive aid for housing, but mixed families can receive pro-rated aid for family members who are citizens or legal residents, with the undocumented family member sharing the residence. Team Trump wants to change that.

Jay Inslee called out the Trump administration’s rush to war with Iran.

Bernie Sanders continues to use his platform to advocate for working people. Scroll through his Twitter feed and you’ll see it in action: Facebook bike share workers and BuzzFeed workers and Walmart workers and video game workers, and the list goes on. 

Amy Klobuchar released a set of pledges for her first 100 days in office, and it is ambitious and wide-ranging.

Julián Castro rolled out a strong housing plan to combat both the affordability crisis and homelessness.

Kamala Harris has a plan to stop the spread of HIV, by making PrEP affordable and accessible for everyone who needs it.

Joe Biden did not have the greatest week, but he did stop by Stonewall to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the protests there.

Eric Swalwell released his gun violence prevention plan, which includes an assault weapons ban and a national firearm registry.

Eight Democratic candidates participated in the Poor People’s Campaign forum: Biden, Harris, Sanders, and Warren, but also Michael Bennet, Wayne Messam, Marianne Williamson, and Andrew Yang.

Pete Buttigieg


One year ago I married the love of my life. I’m so thankful I found you, Chasten, and can’t wait to spend the rest of our life together.

— Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) June 16, 2019

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Halle Berry Victimized by Man Trying to Steal Her Home

Halle Berry damn near returned to her home to find the locks changed and a strange man living inside. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … 59-year-old Ronald Eugene Griffin first showed up at an L.A. property owned by the actress in…

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Open thread for night owls. Study: 8 hours of work a week is enough to feel fulfilled

Keith A. Spencer at Salon writes—Researchers say 8 hours of work a week is enough to feel fulfilled. So why won’t hustle culture die?

A new study, which found that eight hours of work is all that humans need to be happy, is riling up the commentariat. Indeed, the findings reaffirm what many liberals, leftists and universal basic income advocates believe about work: namely, that we should all be doing less of it, and that if we did, we would be just as happy and more likely happier.

The study, from University of Salford and University of Cambridge researchers, published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, was specifically motivated by the belief that automation and technology may sharply reduce the number of jobs that exist in the future. “There are predictions that in the future rapid technological development could result in a significant shortage of paid work,” the researchers write in the abstract. “In this context, two important research questions that have not been asked so far are: what is the minimum amount of paid employment needed to deliver some or all of the well-being and mental health benefits that employment has been shown to bring? And what is the optimum number of working hours at which the mental health of workers is at its highest?”

The answer to both questions, it turns out, is quite low. “This study found that even a small number of working hours (between one and 8 [hours] a week) generates significant mental health and well-being benefits for previously unemployed or economically inactive individuals,” they write. Moreover, “the findings suggest there is no single optimum number of working hours at which well-being and mental health are at their highest — for most groups of workers there was little variation in wellbeing between the lowest (1–8 [hours]) through to the highest (44–48 [hours]) category of working hours.”

In other words, eight hours of weekly work is enough to feel good about oneself and one’s life. […]

Indivisible’s list of Resistance Events & Groups



“Something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed … We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and look in.” 
               ~~Wallace Stegner, The Sound of Mountain Water  (1946)



So, so sad: Children as young as 7 and 8, many wearing clothes caked with snot and tears, are caring for infants they’ve just met. Toddlers without diapers are relieving themselves in their pants. Teen mothers are wearing clothes stained with breast milk.

— Marc Lacey (@marclacey) June 21, 2019


On this date at Daily Kos in 2009—The Staggering Cost of Playing it “Safe”:

On December 22, 2001, a 28-year-old minor thug and former gang member from South London climbed onto a Boeing 767 bound for Miami.  On the sparsely booked flight, he settled into a window seat in an otherwise empty row. Ninety minutes into the flight, with the plane well out over the Atlantic, a flight attendant noticed smoke coming from his area. She informed him that as the flight was an American flight, no smoking was allowed. A few minutes later, he was hunched over in his seat when the attendant saw that he wasn’t trying to light a cigarette. He was trying to light his shoe. The flight attendant, aided by passengers, acted quickly.  Richard Reid never got another chance to light his shoe bomb. 

Thanks to the immediate action of the the those on board, there was no damage to the plane.  No injuries or loss of life.  

Since that day in 2001, every passenger entering a commercial airliner has been required to remove their shoes for inspection and X-ray. A precaution that is… massively, even breathtakingly idiotic.

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